Premium Retention Test - Stained Glass Iris Quilt - Week 5

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5 Responses to “Premium Retention Test - Stained Glass Iris Quilt - Week 5”

  1. Judy Landry

    I want to learn this method. I have tried get it before but it wouldn't go thru.

  2. Judy Landry

    I would like to see the process of this pattern.


    When sewing the fusible down, is it done before layering the batting on?

  4. Tina Spano

    I am sooo enjoying this project. The Clover fusible web does not suggest how long to hold the hot iron down in order to fuse the web!!! I timed Ashley and she held anywhere from 10 seconds to 38. I am also finding that previous leaves that I put down days ago are coming up. I am going to sew all my fusible down but I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem. Any Suggestions? I have found that if I put a damp ironing cloth over everything and iron it that seems to work better. I am a Premium client now but I will be going to GOLD to see if I missed anything of interest. I am also going to put a sleeve on the back. I will have to look for a how to video for that. Those Y sea,s were tough for me.

  5. Louise Prettie

    Hi quick question regarding iris stain glass quilt. Are leaves put on first and flowers layered overtop?