Premium Retention Test - Stained Glass Iris Quilt - Week 3

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6 Responses to “Premium Retention Test - Stained Glass Iris Quilt - Week 3”

  1. Delana Arceneaux


  2. CAROL

    I haven't received anything since week 3. Also, how much of the black self-adhesive bias is needed?

  3. Cathy Williams

    Where can I find week 2? Also, what is the finished measurement of the quilt?


    When will the paper piecing video be sent out please? I did not get a video link due to Good Friday maybe?

  5. Patricia Pieper

    I have not been able to view any videos including this one for week 3. I get a message saying MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED any time I try to watch. If I were not a member I would understand but I am a member.

  6. Fatima Dias

    Week 3 is the last email I received. Where can I find instructions for Week 4-6. Thank you