Premium Retention Test - Stained Glass Iris Quilt - Week 2

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17 Responses to “Premium Retention Test - Stained Glass Iris Quilt - Week 2”

  1. Shirley Dickey

    Excited to start

  2. Shirley Dickey

    just starting the cutting

  3. Shirley Dickey


  4. Shirley Dickey

    I'm a little nervous

  5. Delana Arceneaux


  6. stitchess

    I tried and tried and tried every avenue I could find on the website to contact someone last week. This is a platinum class I guess and as a gold member I wanted to see what it would take to change my level. I am very frustrated.

  7. brenda.trout-0013

    I enjoy the videos


    When will week #3 be available? Thanks

  9. Colleen Bell

    i would like the pattern for the Iris Quilt

  10. Tina Spano

    How do you recommend cutting the 96—-4 1/2” squares