Platinum Retention Test - Quilt Designs: Blocks, Settings & Borders

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36 Responses to “Platinum Retention Test - Quilt Designs: Blocks, Settings & Borders”


    These were VERY helpful videos... WONDERFUL explanations in a calming way, making it sound "do-able"!! THANKS!!!

  2. Mary Kay Goodlet

    Thankyou for keeping my love of material and colours awake

  3. Patti

    Anxious to learn

  4. Judith Higham

    Thank you for this lesson. Judith

  5. Susan McConachie

    No Comment

  6. Deedy Mishler

    i would love to watch the video

  7. Glenda Rogers

    Interesting ideas

  8. Barbara Matthiessen


  9. Zoe Poutoukalis

    Thank you 🙂

  10. Janys Jordan

    Enjoy the videos.