NQC GOLD: Kaleidoscope Quilt Block

Learn how to make a hexagon kaleidoscope quilt block using a 60-degree triangle template or the 60-degree line on your quilting ruler. Ashley Hough will demonstrate how to arrange the blocks into three different variations and then how to assemble the pieces of the hexagon.


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28 Responses to “NQC GOLD: Kaleidoscope Quilt Block”

  1. Kathy Clansky

    Let me know how to get in on this!

  2. patsy geel

    looking forward

  3. dianemcfarlane

    so happy you have captions on here thank you

  4. martha James

    Looking forward to your world of information!

  5. bbop512

    Very clear instructions- I am looking forward to trying the block

  6. labnurse

    Streaming from Colorado

  7. Ruth Pressler

    Good afternoon

  8. Dianne Zeigler

    Yeah I’m excited to be here.

  9. Dianne Zeigler

    NO comment.

  10. Denise Kichura

    None yet