NQC GOLD: Hand Beaded Quilts

NQC editor and all around quilting expert Heather Thomas teaches you all about the fine art of hand beaded quilt embellishments in this NQC GOLD LIVE class.


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28 Responses to “NQC GOLD: Hand Beaded Quilts”

  1. sylvia

    Really great lesson Heather Thanks I use empty jar lids ,cut the pad to size and push it into the lid, then when I tip my beads into the lid they are contain and if I knock them which we do they do not spill all over the place.

  2. Janice Mayer

    I love to bead and am interested in applying this to my quilted wallhangings

  3. Laurie Sikes

    trying to go to the beading site help

  4. Melissa

    Really enjoyed this as I enjoy all of your videos. You are an amazing teacher. You've inspired me to get out of my comfort zone, try new techniques and give up some of thy perfectionism. Thank you for sharing your expertise, even though I could watch the videos with the sound turned off just to look at your quilts.

  5. Kathleen

    Thank you, great info and helpful hints.

  6. Carole Batts

    I can hardy wait to learn beading on quilts.

  7. Carole Batts

    I am here.

  8. nancy thompson

    looking foreward

  9. Marj

    Looking forward to watching this

  10. Noha Sadek

    If I miss the live time, will I be able to watch it later?