Free Guide: 10 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Quilt Batting

Tips for selecting batting

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Your quilt batting plays a huge role in its finished appearance. It’s also a big factor in how easily your quilt runs through the machine or how easy or difficult it is to hand-quilt. After all the hard work you’ve put into piecing your quilt top, choosing the right batting is vital. Luckily, our new downloadable guide, “10 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Quilt Batting,” walks you through the selection process from start to finish.

Quilt Batting Tips

Are you crafting a lightweight summer coverlet that will never see winter use? If so, you should know that the fiber content of your batting affects how warm your finished project will be. Batting can be crafted from several types of fiber, including cotton, polyester, wool, and silk. And each has its own characteristics.

Loft is another factor to keep in mind. High-loft batting is great for tied quilts and for giving your project the poufy feel of a comforter. If you’re planning to machine quilt your project, however, high-loft batting can make sewing a challenge.

Even the color of your batting plays a role in its finished appearance. If you’re using dark fabrics and a dark backing, a dark batting gives you several distinct advantages over its white counterparts. Learn about all this in more in this new quilting guide. Click the button below to download your free copy! Happy quilting!

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33 Responses to “Free Guide: 10 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Quilt Batting”

  1. Vicki

    New to quilting. Not sure the type of batting to use and also binding info.

  2. Barbara R. Madison

    Information to help me chose the correct batting would be great

  3. cathy.lawley

    Anxious for the information but the download button doesn’t seem to be working?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Cathy, we have tested the download successfully. Please refresh your browser and try the download again.
      Thank you,
      National Quilters Circle Video Membership

  4. Karen J Yee

    I have a limited supply of batting in my small town. A lovely little quilting store with only a few types of batting and Wal-Mart with a few types of battings only too. I’m wondering if I’m going to have to order batting.

  5. Debbie Roberts

    Thank you for the opportunity of the free eBook. This will be so helpful

  6. Elaine Dawson

    I am currently experimenting with different types of quilt and looking for info on batting. This should be a help! Thank you!

    • Customer Service

      Hello Linda,

      I would be happy to recommend a batting type- what kind of project are you making? An art quilt/bed quilt?


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  7. Colette Herrin

    I’m trusting I’ve been choosing the correctnbatting for my quilts.

  8. Sarah E Jolley

    Thanks for this guide. Choosing the right batting and feeling “right” about the choice creates a lot of uncertainty!

  9. Jutta Stone

    Very new to quilting, had started about 3 yrs ago & then went into a slump for about 18mths. Look forward to getting any advice I can & hope to start again soon.

  10. Shirley

    Always wanted to know if I was using the right batting. This will be a very good tool