Creative Ideas for Quilt Strip Piecing

kelly photo 1 Yes, I can admit it… I am a fabric stripper. I spend hours at my machine. I call it my therapy – piecing fabrics to create an artistic element that will wow the eye. I have always enjoyed using up my scraps because they all go together so beautifully. This may seem surprising but in reality it is not. We tend to buy fabric that we like – a certain color family or pattern theme that always catches our eye – it’s like our fabric fingerprint.

Today I enjoyed a video by Carolyn Beam called Piecing a Quilt with Strips. She demonstrated how to make some lovely blocks by simply piecing strips together in creative ways, thus creating a palette to then cut a portion of the block she was working on. This technique is called strip piecing, and it will make a stripper out of you too!

strip piece 1 This block is called a Right and Left Block. It’s not only fun to make, but it would give any quilt added depth and texture. Her block called for a 9-inch center square. She could have used a single piece of fabric, but instead she decided to piece her strips together to transform this block into one with greater interest. She put that square on point and bordered it with half-square triangles.

strip piece 2 Carolyn gives this block an added flare by sewing the strips at angles so that they appear somewhat kiddie-wompus.

strip piece 3 Once all the pieces are sewn together, she demonstrates how to cut off excess to get that look we all desire. And the end result is one of a kind.

strip piece 4 Carolyn does not stop there! She demonstrates the same block using strips pieced together in the same fashion only more exacting and a lot less kiddie-wompus. This time she keeps the strips going left to right while she cuts them on point.The biggest problem you will encounter with this method is the fabric will be cut on the bias which makes it stretchy and easily distorted. Fortunately, Carolyn walks you right though how to stabilize those sides.I particularly enjoyed the blocks she showed near the end of her segment. I couldn’t wait to run to my machine and pile of scraps and give some of her techniques a try.

kelly photo 2 Inspired by the video, I actually got my granddaughter in on the action. She is 6 years old and look what she did!

I would love to see some of your masterpieces using Carolyn Beams ideas. Tune in to her segment and then let the posting begin. I’d love to hear your comments and your ideas. Happy quilting my friends!

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30 Responses to “Creative Ideas for Quilt Strip Piecing”

  1. ROBIN

    Can this block in Quilt as you go?

  2. Brenda Button

    I love your work i want to learn more

  3. Carol Medina

    Would like to make some of these quilts..

  4. sallyc

    I love this idea of wonky strips. If I make a 9" square block, what size are the half square triangles to frame it. I like the way it is displayed on point. I always have trouble trying to figure out the size of the 1/2 sq triangles - are you able to help me with this one please? Should I just watch the video?

  5. CLEO

    I can’t open any of the below shopping ideas. How can i buy from Amazon, for example. They have a special pricing on their bedding. But, how do i shop when i can’t open them?

  6. CLEO

    This sounds a bit too hard for me, so i hope that there’s easier tutorials to learn from??

  7. vbo01420

    Love this little quilt

  8. Pat

    WOW, just plain ole WOW! what a great eye for color she has!

  9. Sheryl

    What a great idea for using up scraps of strips from Jelly Rolls for the center block. Thanks for this idea. Must look at the video as well before I go ahead with anything at all. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  10. wcschdr55

    The video breaks up, so can't watch it