Baskets and Blooms Week 5

Welcome to week 5 of our Baskets and Blooms Quilt Block Challenge! How have your blocks been going? We love seeing what you’ve been working one! This challenge features a quilt designed by Toby Lischko of Gateway Quilts and Stuff. This week we will be making two blocks!

Looking for the fabric requirements? Find them here!

This is a 7-week project with 18 blocks and one week for the finishing instructions. Although it is designed with no border, there are fabric requirements and instructions if you want to include a border.

The finished quilt size is 51” x 68” without a border and 67” x 84” with an optional border.

Find blocks 13 and 14 available for download below! And make sure to share your progress in the Quilt Block Challenge Facebook Group – we can’t wait to see everyone’s work!

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14 Responses to “Baskets and Blooms Week 5”

  1. Alvina M Ingwersen

    Not sure what is up with this message as I have signed up for this quilt three times. I only received weeks five and six and have only been able to print week six and the fabric requirements. How can I get the rest of the pattern as I would really like to make this quilt.

  2. Barbara Wickert

    My quilt group and I are really enjoying making this quilt. It is a little challenging at times but fun. How can I send you pictures?

  3. Peggy

    Week # 5 won't open up, up above nor will the links for same in the other messages that you have also posted above open up either.

  4. Virginia DiBella

    I don’t know if my blocks are showing on your page or not. If not how do I get them to show on page like everyone else’s?

  5. Judy L Hall

    week 5 is in black letters. it will not let me click on to it.

  6. Linda

    Your Week 5 words are not a hyperlink like the other weeks. Nothing happens when I click on Week 5. However, I was able to download Week 5 from your reply to Tiffani.

  7. Carolyn F

    I am still on week 2! I just started last week, Block 5 was somewhat confusing. :( But I did get it done.

  8. Deborah Mayes

    Referring to the original challenge sheet "THIS IS A 7 WEEK PROJECT WITH 18 BLOCKS, THREE A WEEK,AND A WEEK FOR FINISHING INSTRUCTIONS." I have downloaded blocks 13 and 14. Fifteen is not included, is that intentional or not? Thank you for your assistance .

  9. Roxy Sherburne

    Looking for Week 5.

  10. Sharon mackinnon

    I am deaf ( hearing impaired wear hearing aids need closed captioning) thanks god bless you send me print of copy cuz no computer that I don’t have ! Thanks do I have pay for this material?