Baskets and Blooms Week 2

Our first week of the National Quilters Circle Quilt Block Challenge: Baskets and Blooms was a great success! Are you ready for week two? This challenge features a quilt designed by Toby Lischko of Gateway Quilts and Stuff. This week we will be making three blocks!

Looking for the fabric requirements? Find them here!

This is a 7-week project with 18 blocks, three a week, and a week for the finishing instructions. Although it is designed with no border, there are fabric requirements and instructions if you want to include a border.

The finished quilt size is 51” x 68” without a border and 67” x 84” with an optional border.

Find blocks 4, 5, and 6, available for download below! And make sure to share your progress in the Quilt Block Challenge Facebook Group – we can’t wait to see everyone’s work!

Find the other challenge materials here:

Fabric Requirements

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Baskets and Blooms Week 4

Baskets and Blooms Week 5

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10 Responses to “Baskets and Blooms Week 2”

  1. dayzennight

    I signed in and none of the downloads...except the directions...are downloadable. I should also point out that your system is sending out server error messages.

  2. Jeanne McLean

    I’m unable to download weeks two and three please help.

  3. Kathy Barnett

    I didn't get week 3,please thank you

  4. Patty

    Cannot find week 3. Not on my announcements. Have re-registered but still not found.

  5. Rosie Garcia

    Was week three posted I can’t seem to find it, it keeps giving me week two and I have that already

  6. Penny Bryant

    Having trouble download the patterns

  7. Johanna Baker

    When does week 3 start?

  8. Elaine Hansen

    Somehow I missed the patterns for Week 1. I can't see a way to pull them up. Help?

  9. Karen

    I would love to start this quilt but can't until I can get into the fabric requirements so I can select me fabrics. I hope NQC sends out a notice when this is corrected.

  10. Mary Nelson

    how do I get the pattern for the baskets and blooms quilt. don't seem to be able to download them