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Pattern Freebies: GO! Strip Star Sampler Quilt Pattern

Sampler quilt patterns have been popular with quilters for generations. A sampler quilt pattern allows a quilter to experiment with a variety of quilt blocks and stitch the whole thing into an attractive, useful work of art. Some quilters use a wide variety of fabrics in a rainbow of colors. However, other quilters prefer to…

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Oh So Charming Quilted Mug Rugs

Every year I ponder what to get my neighbors, friends, and service providers for Christmas. Usually I will make an assortment of cookies and distribute them, but this year I am starting early and creating my gifts by hand in the hope of not having to lose those 15 pounds I gain every year test…

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Should I Prewash My Batting?

Hi, I’m wondering about prewashing quilt batting. I come from the garment school of thought where we prewash everything that is washable. I have been prewashing my batting with a gentle rinse, spin, and then dry, but it doesn’t seem like other quilters do this. Are there any cons to this that I don’t know about?

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Top 10 Game-Changing Quilting Tools

The pioneer women who quilted over a hundred years ago did amazing work with the simplest of tools: scissors, needles, and pins. Up until the middle of the 20th century quilters were making pattern templates using cardboard boxes, re-drawing the shapes as the old edges wore out. Today we have a huge array of quilting…

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Quick and Easy Applique Tea Towels

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had your fair share of frantic, last-minute quilting and crafting around the holiday season. A gift that isn’t done in time, a forgotten someone on your list, or a last-minute party invite that requires a hostess gift. You can’t always plan ahead on these things! What I’ve been doing…

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How to Prevent Fabric Bleed

To stop quilting fabric from bleeding in your finished quilt, be sure to machine wash your fabric (sorted with like colors) and dry before cutting. Yes, that does mean you will have to iron or press your quilting fabrics as well! I tend to be that person who never washes their fabric before I begin…

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Free Style Piecing 4-Pattern Bundle

Bundle: Free Style Piecing Patterns This fantastic 4-pattern set, with each pattern designed by renowned quilt artist Heather Thomas, captures her creativity with free style piecing. With 4 separate patterns and 47 total pages of design instruction, you’ll get detailed information on cutting, piecing, and assembling, in addition to easy-to-use patterns. Upon your purchase, all…

Quilting and Sewing Tips and Techniques

Kelly Pederson Hanson and Aurora Sisneros teach you some of the various general quilting and sewing tips, tricks and techniques that they like to utilize when working on their quilting projects, as well as helpful products including tools, organizers, carry bags, miniature irons and graph books.

How to Make Fringe For Quilts

Heather Thomas provides fun and new techniques for adding fringe to your quilts. See how artsy fringe can embellish your quilts and add visual interest to them. Learn how to make your own fringe with your sewing machine as well as how to properly stitch the fringe into the quilts. Find out how artsy you…

Pattern Freebies: GO! LeMoyne Star Prism Quilt Pattern

Quilting isn’t just about piecing together a warm covering to guard against chilly weather. It’s a sharable labor of love: a way to liven up a bed with an embellished throw pillow, or a creative way to add some visual texture to your living spaces. If you want to energize an otherwise boring bedroom (or…

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