Heather Thomas

Raw Edge Machine Applique

Heather Thomas
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Raw Edge Machine Applique
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In this session you will get an introduction into applique. See some of the different designs that are great to use for applique, understand what tools and supplies will be needed and learn what some of the different types of stitches are that are used with applique. You will also learn tips on how to properly adhere your applique shapes in a way that reduces bulk in layered designs.
In this session Heather will teach you how to applique using both the zig zag stitch and the buttonhole stitch. She will also explain why it is important to test out your stitches on a sample piece first as well as demonstrate how multiple stitch widths can be used on the same applique shape. You will also learn the best way to secure the beginnings and ends of applique stitching.
Different stitches as well as different widths of the same stitch come together seamlessly in this session. Heather shows how to practice different stitches first and then demonstrates how to use them in different areas of an applique shape. You will also learn how to handle corners and points when stitching with intricate or ornate decorative stitches.
Learn how to accomplish two tasks at the same time with a fun technique known as appliquilting. Heather shows you how to use a simple straight stitch and free motion quilting settings to applique a shape in place while quilting at the same time.
Learn how to really dress up the edge of an applique shape with a stitch known as the herky jerky. Heather demonstrates how to do this stitch around the perimeter of a shape as well as how to use this stitch inside areas of applique designs to add shading and extra visual interest.
Not all applique shapes have to be cut out prior to stitching them in place. Learn how to freestyle applique by stitching shapes and designs onto simple squares or rectangles of fabric and then cutting away the excess fabric. Heather will also teach you how to add layered designs to a piece.
6 Lessons
2  hrs 10  mins

Applique designs can come from anywhere. In this class, taught by Heather Thomas, you will see how to use existing applique designs, or create your own, to make fun blocks that can be stitched together into a quilt or used on their own in a smaller project, like a pillow.

Selecting the right iron-on adhesives and stabilizer can have a big impact on your final applique shape. Heather will discuss the types of products she prefers to use and will demonstrate a method of applying adhesive that eliminates extra fullness and helps to create dimension with stitching.

Several different stitches can be used when appliqueing a shape in place. Heather will demonstrate several stitch options and teach you the best ways to begin and end stitches around a shape. You will also learn how to incorporate several stitches and multiple stitch widths within the same applique shape.

Applique and quilting can also be done at the same time using a technique known as appliquilting. Learn several ways to do this technique including using a straight stitch, a fun stitch known as the herky jerky and a free form method known as freestyle applique.

Heather Thomas

Heather is a mixed media fiber artist with a passion for color and a dedication to teaching. After a decade of making original yet traditional work, she began venturing out toward art quilting, embellishments, and mixed media work. With more than 12 years of studying and teaching color and design under her belt, she wrote her second book, A Fiber Artists’ Guide to Color & Design, which came on the heels of her very popular first book, Fabric Embellishing: The Basics & Beyond. In 2011 Heather was a guest writer for Quilting Arts magazine with a multi-part feature on Free Style Machine Quilting. She also participates in group and individual instructional DVDs produced by the Creative Crafts Group. You can visit Heather’s blog at heatherthomasblog.blogspot.com.

Heather Thomas

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