Heather Thomas

Exploring with Machine Quilting + DVD

Heather Thomas
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Exploring with Machine Quilting + DVD
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Here, Heather will show various quilts that use feather, flower and leaf motifs in their quilting and will talk about why those motifs were chosen for those particular quilts, how the size and scale of the motifs used were determined and what is working or not working with the quilting.

In this session Heather will use drawings and stitch outs to introduce flowers that have a variety of different petal shapes and center styles. See how how "full frontal facing" flowers fit inside a doughnut and how to use this idea to practice drawing flowers. You will be introduced to the idea of muscle memory with body movement and paying attention to that movement while doodling so that the same movement can be utilized while quilting. Heather will then redraw each flower showing the movement and stitch order of creating each one.

Heather will use drawings and stitch out to introduce a variety of different styles of leaves and reiterate the importance of muscle memory as students practice the shapes with doodling. Several leaves will be stitched out, from simple to complex and Heather will complete an all over leaf design and a design used for border

This session will begin with an introduction to the anatomy of a feather followed by a discussion of petal and spine types. Heather uses stitch outs and drawings to show how to achieve various types of feathers and will do some actual drawing and doodling to show the order of movement utilized during stitching the feathers and reiterate the importance of muscle memory while doodling. You will see several different feather motifs, finish an all over design and two different border designs.

Heather will revisit a few quilts and discuss ways to bring together the flower and feather motifs to stitch out whole cloth and quilt & color designs for those who just want to have fun stitching out these amazing motifs.

5 Lessons
2  hrs 46  mins

Machine quilting has become a well respected art form. Good quilting can take a simple quilt top and turn it into a thing of exquisite beauty.

If you have learned most of the basics such as stippling, how to achieve tiny linked circles, know how to form smooth swirls and pointed stars then you’re probably ready to move on to the more complex designs of feathers and flowers. These two motifs are powerful designs and they can add a lot of interest and beauty to your quilts but they can also overwhelm the piecing.

In this class, Heather Thomas will not only show you how to stitch them without ever having to mark the surface of your quilt, she’ll also teach you when and where to use them and when not to use them.

You’ll begin the process with drawing practice and then move on to actual stitching on practice quilt sandwiches. Heather will show you how to fit feathers into borders, blocks and triangles and how to link flowers and leaves for all over designs in borders or sashing and how to use them as stand alone motifs in blocks etc.

This class is for anyone who wants to take their free motion quilting to the next level.

NOTE: You’ll receive this Class video instruction in two forms: As on-demand streaming video (in your NQC Account); and as a physical DVD, mailed to you.

Heather Thomas

Heather is a mixed media fiber artist with a passion for color and a dedication to teaching. After a decade of making original yet traditional work, she began venturing out toward art quilting, embellishments, and mixed media work. With more than 12 years of studying and teaching color and design under her belt, she wrote her second book, A Fiber Artists’ Guide to Color & Design, which came on the heels of her very popular first book, Fabric Embellishing: The Basics & Beyond. In 2011 Heather was a guest writer for Quilting Arts magazine with a multi-part feature on Free Style Machine Quilting. She also participates in group and individual instructional DVDs produced by the Creative Crafts Group. You can visit Heather’s blog at heatherthomasblog.blogspot.com.

Heather Thomas

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