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6 Waste-Free Ways to Use Quilt Scraps

Wander into any quilt store today and you’ll see aisles and aisles bursting with a rainbow of fabrics – and the hardest part will be deciding which prints to bring home. In the presence of so many amazing patterns and products, it’s hard to remember that quilting has a surprisingly thrifty background. Some of history’s…

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Tips for Preparing Your Quilt Binding

How many times have you had a friend or your long arm quilter make you a binding for your quilt? Being a long arm quilter myself, I have had the honor of doing this task more times than I’d like to admit. For some reason this last step in your quilt leaves many quilters in…

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Quilt Fabric Swapping Fun

I have recently caught the fabric swapping bug. A friend of mine from my local guild posted some photos on her Facebook page of some of the fabrics her swap buddy sent her. After drooling a bit over these fabulous fabric finds, I immediately went online and started researching fabric swaps and signed up for…

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Pressing Quilt Seams: Open or to the Side?

Pressing quilt seams is a crucial step of any quilt-making process – not only will it make it easier to join your blocks, it will also make your finished creation lie flatter and look so much more polished. Some quilters might prefer to finger-press, but pressing quilt seams with an iron is really your best…

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Quilting Color Principles Part 3: Common Color Schemes

How do you choose colors for your quilts? In this five-part article series, quilter and writer Carole Fure analyzes the many factors that play in quilt color selection and offers practical tips for ensuring your quilts are well-balanced and appealing to the eye. Remember color schemes work because the colors are friendly to each other.…

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