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Quilt Care Part 3: Storing Your Quilts

My father passed away recently and upon a visit to my mother I noticed the quilts I had made him were nowhere to be found. I asked Mom where the quilts were and her reply sent me reeling: she had decided to put them in her attic crawl space in a garbage bag. My mom’s…

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Quilt Care Part 1: Cleaning Heirloom Quilts

So you’ve just finished your first quilt and are ready to give it that cozy look by tossing it in the washing machine. Or, you have a beloved handmade quilt that could use a good washing from use. Before you head to the laundry room, there are some important things to consider. In this article,…

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Should You Join a Quilt Guild?

I recently spent an entire day gathered with a group of very devoted women. This group is not only devoted to creating beautiful works of quilted art together, but we also are devoted to important causes in our community and across the nation. We are part of the Northern Lights Machine Quilters Guild. Every woman…

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Glossary of Quilting Terms

What’s in a name? Here’s our ultimate list of quilting terminology. Did we miss a crucial one? Let us know by emailing Glossary of Quilting Terms and Definitions Applique: A technique where fabric shapes are cut and sewn onto a fabric block or quilt top. Typically, a fusible material is ironed to the wrong…

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