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What Kind of Quilter Are You? Part 1: Understanding How We Categorize Quilts

“Nomenclature is a system of names, or terms, and the rules for forming these terms in a particular field of arts, or sciences. The principles of naming vary from the relatively informal conventions of everyday speech to internationally-agreed upon principles, rules,, and recommendations that govern the formation, and use of the specialist terms used in…

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Ensuring a Square Quilt

Do you want your quilt to be square? Having a square quilt doesn’t always mean that your quilt is literally square in shape (unless of course you want it to be), but rather that your quilt will lie perfectly flat with no puckers, tucks, or unwanted pleating after it has been quilted. So how do…

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Your Sewing Thread Under a Microscope

This article has been re-posted with permission from Owen’s Olivia. The author has not been paid by any thread company and this article is not intended to influence you to one brand or another. It’s just for fun! After purchasing my first sewing machine, it sparked a desire to learn more about sewing thread quality…

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How to Prevent Fabric Bleed

To stop quilting fabric from bleeding in your finished quilt, be sure to machine wash your fabric (sorted with like colors) and dry before cutting. Yes, that does mean you will have to iron or press your quilting fabrics as well! I tend to be that person who never washes their fabric before I begin…

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Quilting on a Budget

Every time I get a new quilt student I see their eyes glaze over in shock when we talk about how expensive quilts can be to make. I’ve developed a new shock therapy that snaps them right out of that dazed look: I teach them some money saving skills that encourage and challenge them to…

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