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Quilting with Old Blankets

I think it would be a fun idea to make a quilt out of old blankets, but I read somewhere that maybe that’s not the greatest idea. What do you think? Why wouldn’t I want to do this? Or if I did… any idea where I should start? Submitted via email Reusing an old blanket…

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Selecting Thread Based on Tone

Hi, I just watched a video about selecting thread for your quilt. It mentions using a thread that matches the tone of your quilt. What does that mean? How do I go about choosing a tone? Submitted via Facebook By tones we mean the shade of color you are selecting for your quilt. Tones are…

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Should I Prewash My Batting?

Hi, I’m wondering about prewashing quilt batting. I come from the garment school of thought where we prewash everything that is washable. I have been prewashing my batting with a gentle rinse, spin, and then dry, but it doesn’t seem like other quilters do this. Are there any cons to this that I don’t know about?

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Storing Quilt Fabric and Thread

How is it that I see everyone storing their fabric and thread so it’s visible on open shelves and open storage boxes? The florescent lighting and sunlight would fade mine over time. Related, is it a good idea to store fabric in plastic containers? Mine are all in plastic totes under my cutting table and…

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Try Your Hand at Hand Quilting

I’m interested in hand quilting, do you have any info on this? My grandmother taught me how to quilt – we would cut out scrap fabric from a pattern she had cut from a cereal box. We would cut one piece at a time, hand sewing together. We hand quilted in a frame in her…

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