Which Quilt Pattern Are You?

Looking for your next quilt project? Take this quiz to find out which quilt pattern matches your personality and download your free pattern at the end!

Which quilt pattern did you get? Let us know in the comments or share your results on Facebook! Then, check out our free patterns page to discover more fun, free quilt patterns.

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29 Responses to “Which Quilt Pattern Are You?”

  1. Paulida Hutton

    I am a Field of Flowers, and it really makes me soooo Happy!! Thankyou very much! Spot on!

  2. Gemma

    country star. I don’t agree. but the problem is, two of the questions, I wouldn’t choose any of the answers even if you paid me so I had to pick at random. it’s always like nobody considers that a goth or punk rocker or anyone different might enjoy quilting and other relaxing crafts too.

    • Duncan Garrison

      I totally agree Gemma. when I go to a new Quilt Shop, the sales people often ask me “What are you doing here?” just because I happen to be a guy.

  3. Leah Seals

    Arrows, not sure I agree… Need to check out the other patterns to see which one grabs my eye first.

    • Leah Seals

      I think my eye/taste leans more toward Modern Geometry than the quiz results of Arrows. At least that is my preference, if you know me you might think differently.