Premium Retention Test – Stained Glass Iris Quilt – Week 5

Stained Glass Iris Quilt

Week 5: Assembly and Applique

Overview Video


In this session, you will attach your corner blocks to the diamond border and begin creating the beautiful center appliqué design. You’ll see how to trace, cut, and place your shapes before finally adding a thin bias tape outline to create the stained glass effect.

Live Event Video

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3 Responses to “Premium Retention Test – Stained Glass Iris Quilt – Week 5”

  1. Tina Spano

    I am sooo enjoying this project. The Clover fusible web does not suggest how long to hold the hot iron down in order to fuse the web!!! I timed Ashley and she held anywhere from 10 seconds to 38. I am also finding that previous leaves that I put down days ago are coming up. I am going to sew all my fusible down but I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem. Any Suggestions? I have found that if I put a damp ironing cloth over everything and iron it that seems to work better. I am a Premium client now but I will be going to GOLD to see if I missed anything of interest. I am also going to put a sleeve on the back. I will have to look for a how to video for that. Those Y sea,s were tough for me.

  2. Louise Prettie

    Hi quick question regarding iris stain glass quilt. Are leaves put on first and flowers layered overtop?

    • Customer Service

      Thanks for contacting the National Quilters Circle with your question. When an appliqué design is assembled you always begin with what appears in background. Then progress forward to what is in the foreground. The only exception I can think of would be if the designer gives you shapes that are to be nested like puzzle pieces where another shape would cover the nested portion. Some designers will also number or letter the shapes in the order of the “build”. Before fusing pieces always double check to make sure everything (all pieces) are accounted for – then fix pieces permanently to the background fabric.

      Happy Quilting
      Colleen Tauke