Premium Retention Test – Stained Glass Iris Quilt – Week 3

Stained Glass Iris Quilt

Week 3: Piecing Corner Blocks with Templates

Overview Video


In this session, you will use templates to piece the four corner blocks and learn the best way to cut and lay out your pieces to stay organized. Finally, you’ll learn how to piece a Y-seam and see how to assemble your pieces to complete this part of the pattern.

Live Event Video

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8 Responses to “Premium Retention Test – Stained Glass Iris Quilt – Week 3”

  1. CAROL

    I haven’t received anything since week 3. Also, how much of the black self-adhesive bias is needed?

  2. Cathy Williams

    Where can I find week 2?
    Also, what is the finished measurement of the quilt?


    When will the paper piecing video be sent out please? I did not get a video link due to Good Friday maybe?

  4. Patricia Pieper

    I have not been able to view any videos including this one for week 3. I get a message saying MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED any time I try to watch. If I were not a member I would understand but I am a member.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Patricia,

      I have included troubleshooting instructions below for you to try.

      If you are using a mobile device, please delete your internet history. To clear your cache, please click the link below and select the appropriate browser:'s-Cache

      If you are using a computer, please attempt a hard refresh of your browser by pressing and holding Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard.

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      We also recommend trying to use a different browser, such as Google Chrome, or Firefox.

      National Quilters Circle

  5. Fatima Dias

    Week 3 is the last email I received. Where can I find instructions for Week 4-6. Thank you