Springtime Florals Quilt Block Challenge: Fabric Requirements

Let’s quilt together! Are you ready to get started on our Springtime Florals Quilt Block Challenge? Download the fabric requirements below to get started! This pattern was designed by National Quilters Circle Managing Editor, Ashley Hough. It is a 62” x 62” nine block quilt, featuring flower designs that we will complete over five weeks.

If you haven’t signed up for the challenge there’s still time! Sign up now!

Once you choose your fabric, be sure to post photos of it on the Facebook group page!

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Springtime Florals: Fabric Requirements
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Springtime Florals: Quilt Assembly & Finishing Instructions

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48 Responses to “Springtime Florals Quilt Block Challenge: Fabric Requirements”

  1. joanne1

    I am signed up for the challenge Springtime Florals and did not get a link to Block 1 today.

  2. Sandra Kreba
    Sandra Kreba

    How do I print Week 1 so I can start working on the challenge. Signed up about 5 times. Have not received email. Saw the pattern but can’t print it. Sandra Kreba

  3. Jean Zysek
    Jean Zysek

    could not get block one to download only have the fabric requirements

  4. Marion Muir
    Marion Muir

    I have all my fabrics and now on May 3rd I’m awaiting my first directions. How do I get them?

  5. Linda Denniston
    Linda Denniston

    I’m excited to join you for this. I’ll be pulling fabrics tomorrow, and thanks to everyone that is posting choices and blocks. It gives me a hint on what to choose for my quilt..

  6. Connie Regehr
    Connie Regehr

    Have not been able to get the first block of Springtime Florals

  7. Muriel

    I couldn’t get the last two weeks of the Christmas Cheer quilt so I may as well try the Spring quilt.

  8. Donna

    Finished block 1-unable to find directions for the other blocks-help!!

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Donna!

      You will receive a weekly email every Friday afternoon with a new block and directions.

      Have a great day!

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        • Customer Service
          Customer Service

          Hello Kay,

          I am sorry that you have gotten the email. The Springtime Floral blocks are posted weekly.
          You can always check out the website at end of each week to get the updates on challenge. Type Springtime Floral Quilt Block Challenge in the search bar. I have added your email to the list, hopefully you won’t have this issue again.

          Please let us know if you have any further questions.
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  9. Barbara West
    Barbara West

    I would love to join the Soringtime Florals Quilt Block Challenge. Thank you.

  10. Jennie O Gaye
    Jennie O Gaye

    Love this quilt! May I change orange to red and pink to yellow? I’m giving this quilt to someone. Thanks much!

  11. Teresa Hunsinger
    Teresa Hunsinger

    Have you posted the finishing instructions yet? I am done with my blocks.

  12. Marge Thomas
    Marge Thomas

    I would like to join the Springtime Florals Quilt Block Challenge please

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Marge,

      This is for members to our online community. We do have a $12.00 USD annual entrance offer if you are interested? This would include access to expert advice (like this), plus discounts, hours of Premium videos, etc. Below is the link to join if you are interested: https://www.nationalquilterscircle.com/checkout/

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