Springtime Florals Quilt Block Challenge: Assembly Instructions

It’s the last week of the Springtime Florals Quilt Block Challenge! Thanks for quilting along with us. This pattern was designed by National Quilters Circle Managing Editor, Ashley Hough. It is a 62” x 62” nine block quilt, featuring flower designs that we will complete over five weeks.

Be sure to post photos of your quilt on our Facebook group page!

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Springtime Florals: Quilt Assembly & Finishing Instructions

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6 Responses to “Springtime Florals Quilt Block Challenge: Assembly Instructions”

  1. Jean Zysek
    Jean Zysek

    Been a great quilt to make and the pattern makes it very easy to understand and do

  2. Laura Kornegay
    Laura Kornegay

    I would love to see what people have posted in the Facebook group page. How long does it take to have membership in the group approved?

  3. Cj rivers
    Cj rivers

    I do not have the assembly an finishing instructions. How do I get them.