A note from Andrea:

I just wanted to thank everyone for joining me in National Quilters Circle’s first ever quilt block challenge! What an incredible experience to watch thousands of quilters from all over the world coming together to make the same quilt. You all did an amazing job and have made such gorgeous quilts!

As promised, here is the full pattern of the Snowy Day Quilt Block Sampler that you can download and keep as a souvenir from the challenge. Click the yellow button below to download the PDF.

If you’d like to see photos of everyone’s finished quilts from the challenge, you can check out the Facebook group photo album. I wanted to share a couple of my favorites from this album, and you can see them below. It was so hard to choose from them – they are all so beautiful!

Thank you all again for joining the challenge and making the Snowy Day Quilt Sampler with me. I’m so happy I had to opportunity to meet and sew along with all of you wonderful quilters these past ten weeks. I hope this has given you the “quilting bug” and that you will continue to quilt more and more!

To celebrate the completion of this challenge, I would like to offer everyone a 10% coupon to all my patterns listed in my Etsy shop through the end of May 2017! Coupon Code: NQCBLOCK

Happy quilting!


Some of My Favorite Challenge Quilts

Cindy Kelley (above)
I love how Cindy made four of Block 7 for each corner. I also love how perfectly these colors go together!

– – –

Gaiella Cupitt
I love the bright colors Gaiella used in her quilt. I also love how she took some of my blocks and put her own spin on them.

– – –

Patricia Lent
I love Patricia’s bright colors and the creative borders she added to the top and the bottom of the quilt!

– – –

Sheila Ciechoski
I love Sheila’s fabric combination in her quilt. I also love how she changed up the sashing and added cornerstones.

– – –

Laura Luna
I love the beautiful fabric combination in this quilt. I think it is also really special that Laura and her mother have been working together to make this quilt. What great memories they will have when the quilt is all done.

– – –

Lisa Schwarz
I love how Lisa added a name to the top of the quilt. I’m sure this quilt will be treasured!

– – –

Lilian Crossley
I love how Lilian’s quilt looks without the sashing. It gives the quilt a really cool design within a design.

– – –

Charlene Amsden
I love how Charlene made duplicates of some of the blocks to make her quilt bigger and redesigned Block 7 for the center! The bright colors are so pretty for summertime.

– – –

Liia Tali
I love how Liia used a dark background fabric. It really makes those bright colors pop.

– – –

Deanna Crossgrove
I love how Deanna used Block 7 in all her corners. I love the star cornerstones.

– – –

Carrie Thomas
I love the quilt Carrie made using only Block 2! It’s cool to see the design within a design when you just use the one block.

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24 Responses to “Recap”

  1. Rachel Machar

    Thank you so much I have loved making this quilt for my oldest son not quite finished but nearly there my question is is there going to be another one along a similar line. My other son now wants one and because I have learnt so much this would be a great way to do it. Thank you again for all your hard work and sharing your design.

  2. Terri

    Andrea thank you for this great quilt and your explicit directions.

  3. Christie Somerville

    Im way behind on using the pattern but look forward to getting started with it. I also look forward to getting a second challenge when it becomes available. All I have seen are very beautiful. Thank you Andrea for the opportunity.

  4. Sheila Ciechoski

    Thank you so much Andrea! I am honored to have been chosen as one of the favorites. I really enjoyed doing this challenge and look forward to more! 🙂

  5. Margaret Warren

    I love all the quilts that have been made using your designs and that some people have added their own take on all of them. Thank you so much for the directions and all the patterns! I hope to start on mine before long!!

  6. Carolyn

    Even though I don’t have mine finished yet, it was an awesome challenge and I certainly enjoyed the camaraderie, the tips and the encouragement from all the members of this group. Thank you Andrea for the opportunity to belong to such a group. I will finish and post on the facebook page and i’m waiting for the next challenge!

  7. Alice Burt

    I have enjoyed this challenge so much. It’s wonderful to see all the beautiful quilts! Thank you!!

  8. Gina

    This was wonderful! Thank you for the time and effort you invested so that we could all enjoy this project. I am so looking forward to another experience creating and watching all the different ideas come flooding in from all over! Great job all 😀

  9. Donie

    l love all the pictures! Amazing how everyone made snow days all their own.

  10. Beth A Pabst

    I really enjoyed this challenge! I would like to have another one! I get bored doing a lot of the same block.

  11. Deanna Crossgrove

    Thank You Andrea for a great quilting time. I’m both honored and humbled at being chosen for your list. Your instructions were so clear and concise, making this an easy and fun project. I’ve been so inspired by your pattern and all of the ideas from this group. I’ve bookmarked your site hoping to get more ideas.

  12. Melody

    Thank you for this challenge. It was the first time I did anything internet related for a quilt pattern. My daughters use Pinterest and such, but I’ve always been skeptical that the project instructions would not work. I collected the patterns from week one, but didn’t start sewing until about week six. I did not want to purchase new material for heading into “unknown waters” and it took me awhile to get the fabric together. Surprisingly, I was helping my mother with a box of her fabric, and found enough FLANNEL! My quilt has five colors of flannel in it, perfect for a “Snowy Day.” Thank you for a challenge that brought three generations together.

  13. Lynda S.

    I really enjoyed looking at everyone’s quilts. Even the other projects they were working on. This was my first experience with a challenge. Even though I was too busy to get started I look forward to the next one and will participate. Thank you Andrea.

  14. Kym Williams

    Andrea, thank you SO much for the wonderful time with this challenge. Just finished my last block today, and started with the… sashing?… since this is my first quilt but as given me the courage to trudge forward. I am now hooked!!!! Thank you again. Kym Wms

  15. Faye Thompson

    Thank you for the this experience, I have learned much! Hope to get in on the next one.

  16. Kath Hudson

    I found myself in the sewing doldrums and taking part in this challenge has really invigorated me. I have my mojo back thanks to you and your quilt along Andrea. Have enjoyed every minute and have completed all nine blocks although I still have to quilt and bind it.

  17. Karen

    How awesome it was to begin my first quilt with a pattern I could understand and a great group of ladies sharing pictures of their progress and cheering each other’s efforts! Thank you so much.

  18. Jacki Hillman

    Thanks for the challenge. I enjoyed making the blocks and the finished quilt.

  19. Glenda

    I am looking forward to the next challenge just joined the group but think I might try this quilt

  20. Cyndi Barrett

    Andrea, thank you so much for this beautiful quilt. We all had a different mind set how to do the blocks. All the quilts are amazing.Your hard work in making sure your patterns were precise and so easy to follow, made the experience so wonderful. I really enjoyed the great encouragement from everyone. We had about the best group of quilters I have ever encountered. I would love to know when you decide to do another challenge. I feel we were great because you were.

  21. Sam

    Thank you so much for this. It was a HUGE and positive group. I was so impressed by the number of people making their very first quilt. Being able to ask questions to the group was just a super way to help them fall in love with quilting!! I love the pattern and look forward to the next challenge.