Quilter Spotlight: Victoria Findlay-Wolfe

victoria findlay-wolfe winner A master quilter, author, blogger, and lecturer, Victoria Findlay-Wolfe’s passion for modern patchwork is undeniable – take a minute to check out her popular blog, Bumble Beans Inc., to see for yourself.

Victoria was nominated as a top blogger in National Quilter Circle’s 2015 Blogger Awards competition, and placed in the category of Best Modern Quilting Blog. Read on to learn more about this celebrated life-long quilter who continues to inspire others through her modern quilting aesthetic, community work, international acclaim, and playful demeanor!

Getting Personal

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Straight out of college with a degree in fine arts, Victoria gravitated towards quilting only after her daughter came into her life, as a means of creative expression with a short amount of time to sew (or, “15 minutes of play”). Growing up on a farm in Minnesota with a father who upholstered, a mother who sewed, and a grandmother who was an avid quilter, Victoria has felt inspired to create all her life.

Because of her highly personal creative development, Victoria’s quilts often express memorable stories. She does this by using techniques rooted in tradition, but always infused with modernity. She often talks of the importance of storytelling and personal attachment to her creative process. Using memories, emotions, diary entries, you name it, she is inspired to mold her feelings and experiences into works of quilted art.

greatest possible trust As a fluid artist who is inspired by the ebb and flow of improvisation and traditional pattern, Victoria’s creativity is always on the loose in the workroom. Epiphany, questioning, mistakes, and play are all crucial aspects of her exploratory process.

Community Outreach

Not only is Victoria’s creative work an inspiration to the quilting community, her passion as a community advocate is humbling. Her ongoing quilt drive, Bumble Beans BASICS, distributes quits to homeless families being moved back into homes. She has also given to Love Without Boundaries, Project Linus, and Craft Hope, organizations that show compassion and support to children and communities alike.

Career Accomplishments

Victoria has received international acclaim with exhibits in museums such the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts, the International Quilt Study Center & Museum, and the Connecticut Museum of American Art. Her involvement as founder of the NYC METRO MOD Quilt Guild, board member of Quilt Alliance, and the International Quilt Study Center & Museum and Vice President of Public Service for the International Quilt Association keep her quite busy behind the scenes in the industry as well. She is constantly traveling the world to lecture, workshop, and share her artful exhibitions with the quilting community.

books She has published two award winning books titled 15 Minutes of Play and Double Wedding Rings: Traditions Made Modern. Victoria’s work has also been featured in nearly 30 magazine issues and she has appeared on various PBS programs such as “Sewing with Nancy” and “It’s Sew Easy” to share her expertise on modern patchwork.

Victoria regularly updates her followers and fans with news of her comings-and-goings and new quilting adventures. Make sure to check out her website, VFWQuilts.com, to stay up to date.

Happy quilting!

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