Pattern Freebies: GO! Strippy Catch-All Basket Pattern

Using up all those leftover scraps of favorite fabrics just got easier with the GO! Strippy Catch-All Basket Pattern. Designed for easy use with GO! Strip Cutters, this simple, elegant pattern is perfect for everyone from the beginner to the advanced quilter. And it’s versatile enough to fit any color scheme or decor.

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You’ve no doubt seen and coveted those pretty fabric catch-alls that are sold in stores and through party invitations from friends who sell them, but the prices of these attractive organizers often outweigh the budget. Who knew it was such a simple task to make your own? Now, using easy-to-cut 1-inch to 2½-inch strips and a simple stitched liner, you can have all the baskets you need at a price you can more than afford.

The GO! Strippy Catch-All Basket Pattern includes instructions for making six different baskets in sizes that range from 4½-inches to 9½-inches. So now you can customize your storage to fit your space. Even better: all that’s required to create these beautiful bins are scraps that range in length from 12- to 27-inches. There’s no better way to use up those last few inches on the bolt than to turn them into eye-catching organizers for the sewing room.

Minimal cutting and sewing are involved in this easy pattern that looks much more intricate than it really is. And whether you quilt your baskets before adding the simple liner is entirely up to you.

So whether you’ve been quilting all your life or you’re a new recruit to the textile arts, you can rest assured that you have the skills needed to create these sturdy and versatile organizers that are capable of storing everything from fat quarters to favorite magazines. And when you use the super-easy GO! Strip Cutters, you’ll cut the time spent making them in half.

When a pattern is this easy, you can feel free to make GO! Strippy Catch-All Baskets for every room in your home. Head on over to the good folks at AccuQuilt to download the free pattern. Happy quilting!

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