Pattern Freebies: GO! Strip Star Sampler Quilt Pattern

Sampler quilt patterns have been popular with quilters for generations. A sampler quilt pattern allows a quilter to experiment with a variety of quilt blocks and stitch the whole thing into an attractive, useful work of art. Some quilters use a wide variety of fabrics in a rainbow of colors. However, other quilters prefer to stick to one color scheme to provide unity for the whole quilt.

The designers at AccuQuilt have released a new, free quilting pattern that is a sampler pattern. The GO! Strip Star Sampler Quilt Pattern uses five different quilt block designs, joined together to create a lovely star medallion in the center of the quilt. It looks quite intricate, but stitching the quilt blocks separately means that you can achieve the appearance without the headache.

The GO! Strip Star Sampler Quilt is one that will look best with a unified color scheme. You will not get the full effect of the intricate pattern if you choose too many colors. The AccuQuilt designers used a blue, aqua, and green color scheme – but if your decor calls for a different scheme, feel free to modify it, substituting colors that match your own tastes. The original quilt calls for three shades of green, an aqua, a medium blue, and a dark blue.

The finished dimensions of the quilt are 45 inches by 45 inches. When completed, each block is 8 inches square. The nice thing about the finished dimensions of the quilt is that they are the width of standard quilt fabrics, so you can easily cut your quilt binding without having to piece it.

Of course, the designers of the quilt planned for you to use their GO! Quilt Cutters to craft your quilt. This is the best way to skip the tedium of cutting quilt pieces and to ensure perfectly sized pieces. However, if you want to use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut your pieces, you can. Just follow the provided charts carefully and measure before you cut. One key to having a perfectly pieced quilt is careful cutting and stitching of the pieces.

The instructions of the GO! Strip Star Sampler Quilt say that the difficulty is intermediate or advanced. Most of the quilt is fairly straightforward with straight line seams. However, the center star will present some challenges for less experienced quilters. The inside corners of the star blocks where they join with the solid, dark blue pieces are very challenging. Yet, if you are a beginning quilter with a few quilts under your belt, this may be just the pattern on which you can dip your toe into the waters of more complex quilting designs.

Remember to slow down and take your time on those tricky corners. If you find that you just cannot stitch them perfectly, keep in mind that completed is better than perfect. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you will increase your precision as you continue to stitch these more complicated quilting seams. Do not get discouraged if it is tricky for a while. Eventually with practice, your points will improve.

When you have completed the GO! Strip Star Sampler Quilt, you will find that it is lovely as a wall hanging. Even if it’s not exactly perfect, you can be proud of this accomplishment. Happy quilting!

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21 Responses to “Pattern Freebies: GO! Strip Star Sampler Quilt Pattern”

  1. petro breet

    I am a new quilter and the patterns so beautifull hope I will be succesfull

  2. Laura Arnold

    Do not have an AccuQuilt – can’t this be done without one?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Laura
      Here’s what the experts had to say about your question:
      If you do not have an accuquilt, you can cut the required pieces by hand with a rotary cutter and ruler.


      Please let us know if you have any further questions
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  3. Suzanne Comer

    I am not able to download the Sampler Pattern. Can you assist? Thanks!

    • Customer Service

      Hi Suzanne, please try hard refreshing the page or using a different browser. If you are still having issues, please give our customer service team a call at 1-855-706-3538.
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  4. nanci

    i’m very disappointed the pattern would not download. had my GO all warmed up and ready to go.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Nanci,

      We apologize that you were not able to download the pattern. Please try downloading the pattern again, it should work for you now.

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  5. Linda Aspelin

    And thank you for the free ‘free motion’ designs. Quilters are so generous with their knowledge that you wonderful people will see this art survive into our collective future. Other types of clubs have secrets &’their arts are dieing. I won’t say what club I speak of but I intend to speak to that club & will use this club (with your permission) as the example. The free line drawings have helped so much.

  6. Linda Aspelin

    Love Accuquilt! Thank you. Learning to quilt on 200E Bernina with a stitch regulator. My next jump off the cliff will be a large quilting machine. So looking forward but MUST conquer quilting free motion.

  7. Cheryl Grant

    I really like the Strip Star Sampler. As a newby I am sure it will teach me a lot