Pattern Freebies: GO! Row House Bed Runner Pattern

I love bed runners! They are a great accent for any bed and bedroom. The GO! Row House Bed Runner quilt pattern is a quirky, quaint runner that would accentuate any bedding. This pattern contains a variety of traditional patterns, fashioned to create a quaint neighborhood across your bed.

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One of the most prevalent quilt square patterns in the runner pattern is the flying geese square. In this pattern they are used to create the trees that adorn the sidewalk between the row houses. The flying geese pattern is easy to create, using a rotary cutter and squares and diagonal cuts this part of the pattern goes together in a FLASH!

The row houses themselves are created using the nine patch square pattern. This is a great little quilt square that is easily created using fabric strips that are cut, sewn together, and then cut into squares. The great part about a nine patch is the ability to mix and match colors and patterns of fabric in order to create something unique to your bed and your space.

The versatility of this pattern is what drew me to it. While it is listed as a bed runner it could easily be modified to be used as a table runner as well. This particular pattern would look great on a table or even a cabinet. The only constraints on that would be the predetermined size. However, for the experienced crafter the size and shape would be easily modified, based on the measurements for the individual components of the piece.

The pattern itself is well-written and complete. It is also easily modified to fit the needs of the quilter. It is an appropriate pattern for beginners yet challenging enough to appeal to the advanced quilter. In addition, it is versatile enough to be used multiple times for multiple uses and changed simply by changing the colors and patterns of the fabrics chosen. I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone who is familiar with or would like to learn the flying geese pattern and the nine patch pattern. And you can give it a try too – head over to the good folks at AccuQuilt for a free download of the GO! Row House Bed Runner pattern. Happy quilting!

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25 Responses to “Pattern Freebies: GO! Row House Bed Runner Pattern”
  1. Roberta

    None of the links on today’s email will work for me. Either they don’t open or they open but freeze in the middle. What’s wrong?

    • National Quilters Circle

      Hi Roberta. We are sorry you are having trouble viewing the links. Please give our customer service a call at 1-855-706-3538 and we would be happy to assist you.

  2. Melita McDougall

    this is not the pattern I clicked on. I was expecting the butterfly runner in the picture

  3. Missy

    I’m seeing the butterfly bed runner. Did I miss it or where can I find it? These are all so beautiful and will look lovely on our bed or the guest bedroom. Thank you for your generosity.

  4. Joan

    I have tried all links today’s for the GO! Row House Bed Runner Pattern from “Pattern Freebies” and I can not get the page to open for downloading. Please help. Could be operator problem. 🙂

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Joan. We suggest trying a different browser, as this could be due to a browser issue. Please contact us at 1-855-706-3538 if you are still unable to access the referenced content.

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Linda. We recommend trying a different browser, as this could be a browser issue. If the links continue to not work, please contact us at 1-855-706-3538 so we may assist you further.

  5. Margaret Mills

    I have only just started quilting and can not get enough information as I really e joy it

  6. Althea Klosterman

    Can this pattern be made without using the GO machine? I wondered as there are patterns which seem to be connected to the GO.

    • Customer Service


      Yes, I believe this can be made without the Go Machine. The machine simply helps you quickly and easily cut out the pattern pieces, however, given their shape- they could be done with a rotary cutter and ruler just as easily.



  7. Jessie

    Love this runner and the size chart as to the amount of pieces you need for an 8″ quib. Thanks