Featured Pattern: GO! Butterfly Patch Quilt Pattern

GO! Butterfly Patch Quilt PatternThe GO! Butterfly Patch quilt pattern, by fabric artist Edyta Sitar, brings a whole kaleidoscope of graceful, winged creatures to the foreground of your next project. Pre-cut 10-inch patches, fusable webbing, the GO! Butterfly Die, and machine applique make crafting this design a breeze. Even better, the GO! Butterfly Patch quilt looks complicated enough to impress even the toughest quilt critic.

You can purchase this quilt pattern from our friends at AccuQuilt.com. Your pattern also includes a video hosted by Erica Bottger and Edyta Sitar who guide you through easy, step-by-step instructions for prepping, cutting, and appliqueing this delightful design. Click here to download this pattern!

GO! Butterfly Patch Quilt Pattern Edyta’s project begins with a glorious selection of colorful batiks of every shade and color that have been pre-cut into easy-to-use 10-inch squares. And by applying a lightweight fusable webbing to the back of each, she makes the precision cutting of butterfly wings look ridiculously easy. The GO! Butterfly Patch uses the official GO! Butterfly die and adapter in conjunction with the Studio 2 Fabric Cutter to make sharp and accurate cuts without the threat of fraying. And when it’s time to applique, a lightweight nylon invisible thread tacks each butterfly securely in place without heavy stitch lines to overwhelm.

Using the shortcuts that Edyta provides to piece the simple strips and nine-patch blocks that form the sashing and cornerstones of this contemporary coverlet, you’ll complete your GO! Butterfly quilt top in record time – even when adding the delicate die-cut leaves and stems as trim.

GO! Butterfly Patch Quilt Pattern
Edyta provides instruction for piecing your GO! Butterfly quilt in classic side-by-side array or in other, less traditional arrangements to both inspire and encourage your artistic efforts. So whether you prefer a more ageless design, or you’re a contemporary quilter – there’s inspiration enough to go around. If you’ve avoided tackling the art of applique quilting because the patterns appear too delicate to cut or too intricate to stitch, the GO! Butterfly Patch is a perfect introduction to this ancient art form. Following the simple instructions provided, you won’t believe just how easy it is to piece together a design that looks much more difficult than it actually is.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below to download your pattern and view the video to learn all the best shortcuts offered by professional fabric artist Edyta Sitar. We can’t wait to see what you create. Happy quilting!

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34 Responses to “Featured Pattern: GO! Butterfly Patch Quilt Pattern”
  1. maxnme

    I do not have an accuquilt; however, I love the pattern and will cut my own template. Thank you.

  2. Sharon Pemberton

    Absolutely love butterflies AND this pattern. I don’t have an AccuQuilt cutter either, but might try anyway when I get a little better!

  3. Carol bilyeu

    This is such a beautiful quilt, I wish I could get a download so I can make it. Love to have the pattern

  4. Marie Rockstroh

    Why are dies so much money!! I would love
    To buy more but to much money!!

  5. Diana Nesbitt

    been looking for a butterfly pattern to use for a “comfort quilt” for my Guild.

  6. Audrey

    You can draw a butterfly or even download a free pattern to one, print it to attach with tape on template plastic or even cardboard, carefully cut around it accounting for seam allowances, and use that to draw on the wrong side of fabric. Then, cut it out with scissors. I have a Brother Scan N Cut 2, so I don’t really have to do all this anymore, but it works great. I used washable marker in this method, and it made all the stars in my husband’s honor quilt the exact same size, from a star I had made in Photoshop and made a cardboards template as I described above. Hope it helps!

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