NQC LIVE! June 2017

During the June NQC LIVE, Heather Thomas discussed how to pre-wash pre-cut fabrics like charm packs and jelly rolls, shared ideas for how to quilt redwork quilts and other blocks with embroidery and provided tips for making better fabric selection choices when it comes to planning out a quilt.

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16 Responses to “NQC LIVE! June 2017”


    I am making a baby quilt for my niece’s new baby. Would the quilt be successful if I mix flannel and quilting cotton in the top?

  2. Joan Granadas
    Joan Granadas

    When I make large quilts I really struggle trying to keep all the ripples out of the front and back with my sandwich.I pin, flip, repin, flip and repin several times. Is there an easier way?

  3. Shirley

    I’ve always been told to stitch in the ditch for every stinking seam in the quilt. Is that old school or is it still good advice. Seems to stabilize the quilt better but it sure is lots of work, and I am lazy. Thanks, Shirley.

  4. Deborah DelRegno
    Deborah DelRegno

    I am looking for a good long arm quilting machine, quilt frame, with the ability to have the software to help me quilt. Can you direct me to some good reviews for long arm quilt machines and frames.

  5. Grace

    If I use Synthropol in prewashing my fabrics which will get rid of the excess dye, do I still need to use Retayne to set colors that have a tendency to run, like reds?

  6. Linda M
    Linda M

    Back to the hand embroidered blocks, I am just about to quilt squares that have been thread or needle painted embroidery (wildflowers) should the cross hatch lines be brought right up to the embroidered design or should I outline the whole flower then quilt up to that line?

  7. kturbak

    Thank you for teaching all of us. My question is do you wash quilts and ALL your clothing in HOT water? I understand if its a newly made quilt but what about all the washings over the year etc. Doesn’t this damage quilts/clothing? Is it OK to use cold or warm when using Synthropol?

  8. Shelley

    I have a large yo yo quilt top from my grandmother. How would you suggest finishing it?thanks

  9. Jackie Sorenson
    Jackie Sorenson

    Could you spell the name of the detergent you mentioned please. Thanks

  10. Lawayne

    Is it better to store quilts in a dry dark space like under a bed or in a closet, or can you store them in a plastic storage crate/box?