NQC LIVE! April 2017

During the April NQC LIVE, Heather Thomas discussed the different types of batting and when to use each one, how to store your thread and what needle size and type to use when piecing and quilting.

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36 Responses to “NQC LIVE! April 2017”

  1. sandra

    I cut a piece of “waffle” shelf liner to put under my foot pedal. No movement and doesn’t harm wood floor.
    Shelf liner can be found at dollar stores. I also put a piece under my machine to help keep it quieter.

  2. Debra

    Do you do stitch in the ditch to secure the quilt before quilting. I dont like the ridge that forms if I dont do stitich in the ditch and just quilt. How do you prevent the ridge forming?

  3. Joelle

    You like laundering your fabric, but what do you do with pre-cut fabrics? (5″ or 10″ squares or jelly rolls) Thank you!!

  4. Linda Mischloney

    I have been stuck on cross hatch quilting using drywall tape as my guide. I now want to venture into stencils, what would you suggest to mark the design?

  5. Lonnie

    So do you advocate washing all fabric before using them for quilts? (If she hasn’t already answered this.)

  6. Michele S

    How do you choose thread color when you have a cream colored sashing but 21 different batik squared colors in three large 9 patch designs?

  7. BETTY

    I am a hand quilter. I make lap size quilts. Sometimes my quilts end up heavy and stiff.. Some tell me when you quilt lines close together, it will make your quilt on the stiff side. Does it have anything to do with batting. I usually use 80/20.

  8. Trish Nilsson

    What needle type and size do you quilt with? Is this the same type and size that you piece with?

  9. Giuliana

    Please address, what products can be used in an “artful” way but will wear and wash well. Many thanks

  10. Kitty

    How do you choose the best design/pattern to use for the different fabrics you’ve chosen? How do you determine block design and size?

  11. Carol

    I have a pattern for a quilt that measures 40″ x 48″ when finished. I need it to be more like a queen size when completed. Is there an easy formula to enlarge or reduce pattern sizes? Thank you so much!

  12. Margo

    I’m new to quilting…how do you decide what type of batting to use? Thank you .

  13. Lonnie Lane

    I’ve watched as many of Heather’s youtubes as I could find. I feel like we know each other though its been a one way relationship.

  14. Carol Goe

    Cute and fun to make! Rather than 2 ribbon collars, I am using 4 Southwest colars.

  15. Janie

    I want to practice free motion quilting. Do you have a suggestion for a substitute for batting since that is a bit pricey just for practicing? Thank you.

    • Susie Sherman

      Janie…if you normally use 100% cotton, try buying the polyester batting. It’s usually less expensive. I don’t typically use poly batting because if it gets put in the dryer or someone uses an iron on it, the poly fibers melt. 🙁 So see if you can find less expensive poly batting for FMQ practice. That’s what I use.