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I am very new to patchwork, and wanted to ask about the most helpful tools I should buy to start my very first patchwork quilt. (Apart from a sewing machine!) Which fills I should buy? What are the most efficient rulers I should have? I see a lot of quilters using a rotary cutter too, should I get one of those? Thank you!

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Sounds like you need help with your quilt shopping list! Here are a few basics I would recommend for a new quilter:

  • A good quality cutting mat – I recommend a 36 x 24-inch self-healing mat
  • A rotary cutter – you’ll get a lot of use out of this
  • 8½ x 24-inch ruler
  • 6½ x 6½ -inch ruler
  • 12½ x 12½-inch ruler
  • A good book will help you immensely too – anything by Carol Doak is a good bet

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of quilting!


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    7 Responses to “New Quilter Shopping List”
    1. Elaine

      I agree 100% with those recommendations. Been sewing/quilting for years and those are my go to items even today. Would be lost without anyone of them. Elaine

    2. Marlene Clausen

      Also, a 1/4″ foot, it is really helpful and a Chako chalk marker. I would like to add a suggestion to find a really good LQS and take classes that emphasize technique, not a specific pattern. If you learn techniques, you can apply them to any project you want to make. There are loads of free tutorials on You Tube. If you learn good techniques you will be able to determine which tutorials are good and those that are not. Even those with the best known names can give you incorrect advise. Knowing good technique from bad can save you a lot of time and a LOT of money. I always tell new sewers and quilters, limit the purchase of highend items (like a lot of sewing machine feet) and spend that money on classes.

    3. Leanne

      I taught myself to quilt using the book: First-Time Quiltmaking (Learning to quilt in six easy lessons) by Becky Johnston and Linda Hungerford. ISBN10: 1-890621-97-8. Starts out with the absolute basics and has 4 simple projects to start you out with. Takes you from what tools you need, how to choose and prepare your fabric, sewing accurate seams, assembling the quilt top and sandwich, and finally finishing the quilt.

      I love this book and even though I have now been quilting for a few years, I still refer to it occasionally.

    4. Diane severns

      I suggest Eleanor burns books and her pbs show as well. She is a quilting master. Her techniques are useable for any quilt.

    5. Ella Hoven

      I have no comment at this time, I’ve been quilting for a while now, just this, I thought, for now would just sign up. Sometimes I have a real problem, and no one to turn to.

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