National Quilters Circle Quilt Block Challenge – Wrap Up

We want to send a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the National Quilters Circle Quilt Block Challenge, featuring the Pleiades quilt, designed by Gina Perkes of The Copper Needle! We hope you have enjoyed sharing this experience with the thousands of other quilters around the world. It has been so fun and inspiring to see the creativity and support of other quilters throughout this experience.

Be sure to keep an eye on the NQC Quilt Block Challenge Facebook group for a video from Gina recapping the experience and discussing the process of sashing and border portion for your newly-made quilt! You can find basic finishing instructions here.

If you loved this challenge and would like to see more in the future, please let us know! We’re now taking suggestions for future challenge theme ideas, so if you have a fun idea for a challenge, let us know in the comments below or share with us in the Facebook group!

The fun doesn’t need to stop here! The NQC Quilt Block Challenge Facebook group will remain a place to connect with fellow quilters to share project ideas, photos and tips.

Thanks again to everyone who joined us in the challenge.

Happy quilting!

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185 Responses to “National Quilters Circle Quilt Block Challenge – Wrap Up”

  1. Pat

    I learned a lot with this challenge and the block were beautiful. Thanks for providing the opportunity. Will be watching for additional info and maybe another challenge some day!

  2. Laura Page
    Laura Page

    I have so looked forward to each week and the newest block even though I got stalled out early and am saving the instructions for later when I am not so time consumed with other things. Thank you so very much Gina for such a great challenge….I will miss the weekly instructions! I plan on staying in touch with the Facebook group – it has been fun and encouraging to be connected to other quilters of all strengths and weaknesses!

  3. Debbie Neubauer
    Debbie Neubauer

    Thanks to National Quilter for conducting this challenge. I have yet to start the blocks, but plan to do it at a quilt retreat as my major project. I have tlhroughly enjoyed viewing the blocks on FB and got some wonderful ideas for fabrics and colors. I hope there is another challenge in the future, perhaps with a mixture of different quilt techniuqes such as applique, regular piecing, paper piecing and embellishments.

  4. Thelma R Hicks
    Thelma R Hicks

    I would love to see more challenges maybe with shadow boxes or window pane quilt or something or even stained glass this was so much fun I enjoyed it immensely it really helped give me out of my depression and boredom

  5. Kathaleen M Poole
    Kathaleen M Poole

    Thank you. This challenged me while still being fun. Looking forward to another

  6. Shelley-Anne Zegers
    Shelley-Anne Zegers

    Thank you very much for this challenge. I’m a new quilter and found so far that the instructions are very good. I would really like to see another challenge offered. Thanks again for the hard work

  7. Billie

    I have been unable to finish my quilt due to my husband being in the hospital with a stroke and surgery. But I am keeping my blocks to finish when he is able to be left by himself. Please continue doing block challenges. I have enjoyed doing the ones I have been able to do and reading facebook about others working the blocks.

  8. Lottie Doffin
    Lottie Doffin

    This has been a blast. I can’t wait till the next one. Thank you for all y’all do.


    Hello, this sucks. Aren’t there supposed to be finishing instructions, now – not some future date?

  10. Susan

    Loved this second BOM from you… Gina did a wonderful job presenting and giving us the patterns. Thank you Gina. Looking forward to another soon.

  11. Carmel Taylor
    Carmel Taylor

    Thank you so much for adding me to your list fir this beautiful challenge. So looking forward to the next one

  12. Judy Severs
    Judy Severs

    I would love to see another challenge. I know there were complaints/confusion from other participants ranging from not getting an email to the block instructions not being correct when posted. I did not race the get the block when posted so the early birds got the kinks out before I started! I am not sure if I got an email or not but I always got the instructions from the website so it did not make a difference if I got the email or not. I enjoyed this challenge as well as the Snowy Day quilt challenge last year. Please do another.

  13. Beth Pabst
    Beth Pabst

    I love the challenges that I have been a part of! I did last year’s and plan on getting to the last four blocks of this year. We moved, out of state, so that had occupied my time. I hope to get to them soon. I did print them out a couple of days ago. Thank you!

  14. Jean

    Just wanted to thank Gina for a wonderful challenge and it was so much fun connecting with fellow quilters from all over the world. See we still have a lot in common on this universe!

  15. Fm

    Where’s the video? No surprise…Ms Perkes completely dropped the ball on this challenge. Oh well…plenty of free and well written patterns on the web

  16. Lisa Nisenfeld
    Lisa Nisenfeld

    I liked the design of the quilt and enjoy doing a block every week with a local friend I connected with during the first challenge. We meet weekly to quilt now. But we were both disappointed with the block instructions. Way too many errors, some distinctly odd approaches to construction. But mostly the problem was th errors. More attention to quality control would be deeply appreciated.

  17. Sara Howell
    Sara Howell

    I’m still waiting for the color sheets for the Sterope star, the Atlas star, the Merope star, and the Celaeno star
    and the monochromatic fabric key for the Alicyone star. Did I miss them or never received them on my email?

  18. Joy Seaman
    Joy Seaman

    Did you have a PDF for the sashing and borders? If you did I missed it and would like to get it.

  19. Deborah Doucett
    Deborah Doucett

    This is my second NQC challenge and I have enjoyed both immensely. I had my index finger knuckle replaced between blocks 8 and 9, so I won’t be able to finish until at least another week has passed for healing. Thanks for these beautiful and interesting blocks and a fun challenge. I look forward to another great experience. Keep them coming.

  20. Marian Pickney
    Marian Pickney

    This was a fun and really challenging challenge! I think something with a baskets theme, Civil War blocks, or Farm Theme would be fun but I look forward to anything you dream up!

  21. joan

    I wasnt able to get any of the blocks accomolished..but I saved everyone of them and hope to enjoy them in the near future..AS I expected..this group of women are the BEST…and I enjoyed it all learning and seeing all the amazes me..thank you for this experience

  22. Linda Foster
    Linda Foster

    I loved the challenge. Thanks for the challenge. Really stretched my capabilities.

  23. Kathryn Lyman
    Kathryn Lyman

    THANKS !!!!! More please. Perhaps a Christmas theme starting late summer ?????

  24. machelle beede
    machelle beede

    I absolutely loved this challenge. I learned so much and loved seeing so many beautiful blocks. Gina your directions were so easy for me and simple to read. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. thank you to the gals at NQC on your advice and updates and directions as well.
    I just want you all to know how awesome you are. I think we should start a Christmas quilt around August. I am gonna miss you all.

  25. Debbie

    Thank You so much It Has been a lot of fun ,learning new skills Thank you again.

  26. Donna J Kelly
    Donna J Kelly

    Thoughly enjoyed the experience of this challenge. A sampler of different blocks would be nice.

  27. Viola Hall
    Viola Hall

    My first experience of this sort, I’ve loved it and have learned so very much. Thanks to everyone.

  28. Edna Stringham
    Edna Stringham

    How about a Mariners Compass type challenge? I would love to do a Mariners Compass quilt.

    Edna Stringham

  29. Annette Lemon
    Annette Lemon

    Thanks for this block challenge, I’ve learned a lot. A nice future idea challenge for me is modern quilt block challenge. Thanks again. Annette Lemon 3.16.18

  30. Sandy

    Thank you. This was incredible. I loved every moment. Even the really hard ones! I appreciate you. God bless you.

  31. Wanda

    Thank you for this quilt challenge. I think a future christmas sampler would fun. And we could actually have it done by then 🙂

  32. Mary English
    Mary English

    Enjoyed the challenge and all the great help and support from Gina and the members. Look forward to another challenge.

  33. Leslé McHugh
    Leslé McHugh

    Thank you so much for this lovely challenge. I so enjoyed making the blocks and seeing the various color combinations. They were all so beautiful. I still need to put mine together. Looking forward to the next one. 😄🌹

  34. Sandra Hil
    Sandra Hil

    I loved the challenge I would love for another one soon. It challenged me to learn new. Skills

  35. Linda Cancilla
    Linda Cancilla

    Loved the challenge, learned so very much. I would like a future challenge just as challenging as this one, but with the added feature of learning how to embroider on the squares. I saw a quilt at my quilt guild that the person did Brazilian embroidery on it that was gorgeous. But I would love to learn how to embroider and I think this would be a fun thing to add to the next challenge.

  36. Ginnie Williams
    Ginnie Williams

    Was a pleasure and learning experience that I thoughly enjoyed and learned so much would love to see more.

  37. Elaine

    I Enjoyed the challenges of doing my best to keep up. I decided to use only fabric I had. Thank you! It is a Wonderful way to meet and view other’s work! Yes I am interested in doing this again! Ideas? Log cabin designs?

  38. Margaret Van Dyk
    Margaret Van Dyk

    I don’t do Facebook. Is there another way to get the wrap-up information?

  39. Vivian Bertram
    Vivian Bertram

    Enjoy ed the challenge although have not completed all the blocks yet as. I lost a daughter hope. to get back at it later

  40. Susie carcione
    Susie carcione

    I was very disappointed with the errors in almost every single pattern. I am not sure if it was Gina or NQC making the errors, but I feel the patterns were sloppy and unprofessional. Sadly, this has soured me with both Gina and NQC and will have to think twice before purchasing or giving favorable recommendations about either.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Susie,

      We appreciate your feedback and it has been forwarded to the proper department. Your comments are important to us and help with the development of new programs and offers. We will continue to listen and work hard for your complete satisfaction.


      National Quilters Circle Video Membership

  41. Mary Frye
    Mary Frye

    I will not be surprised if this post generates some verbal assaults, BUT there is no better
    way to dampen someone’s enthusiasm for a project than to have incorrect or incomplete
    information. I will not be able to work on this challenge of beautiful star blocks until later
    this year and do not want to encounter problems due to incomplete info. To quote one
    response, “I don’t understand, why you would have a project but not have all the pieces to post.” As of today: Coloring sheets and monochromatic schemes are not available for all blocks; according to several responses, there are incorrect measurements given for some blocks but I have not seen an explanation and/or correction; and a very minor issue but shows lack of proofing–the postings for blocks 4 through 9 all state: “Click the button below to download a PDF with instructions for your THIRD block.” I do look forward to working with these blocks and to future quilt block challenges. Thank you.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Mary,

      We appreciate your feedback and it has been forwarded to the proper department. Your comments are important to us and help with the development of new programs and offers. We will continue to listen and work hard for your complete satisfaction.


      National Quilters Circle Video Membership

  42. Eva

    I really enjoyed this challenge. I would really appreciate another one. Anything would do but maybe a modern version.

  43. Maureen Oberdorfer
    Maureen Oberdorfer

    I don’t “do” facebook, so how do I get the process for sashing and border for the Quilt Block Challenge by Gina Perkes quilt? Can’t gina provide written instructions? also, we were promised the monochromatic schematics for the last few blocks but I haven’t seen them. Will they be forthcoming?

  44. Norma Belt
    Norma Belt

    Loved the blocks. Challenged me to try new things. Would love to see a series maybe doing something patriotic.

  45. Rebecca

    Please send a link to the “monochromatic pattern and coloring sheet” for blocks #2 and #9.

  46. Charlene Holden
    Charlene Holden

    Thank you so much for this challenge! While I haven’t quite finished my blocks yet, I would truly love to join in another if you decide provide another one. One question tho, how long does the information from Gina’s Pleiades Quilt Challenge stay available?

  47. Theresa Remias
    Theresa Remias

    I was unable to get block 9 or anything past that. Is it possible that you could email it to me?

  48. Rebecca

    In the e-mail I received yesterday, I clicked on the “Watch Now” box and it took me to this page, however there is no video on this page. This is disappointing/frustrating.

  49. Vera McDaniel
    Vera McDaniel

    thank you for the challenge I haven’t gotten to start mine yet but loved following

  50. Kathy Lake
    Kathy Lake

    Loved this challenge! Learned a lot and would love to do another challenge here and learn more tips. Thanks

  51. Helen Rebelo
    Helen Rebelo

    Thank you. This challenge has forced me to use different techniques as well as different color fabric. Gina you took me out of my comfort zone. It was great meeting you in Ontario quilt show.

  52. Joy Beachler
    Joy Beachler

    This was my first quilt block challenge. Until now, all I was able to do was sew squares or rectangles. I have learned so much from Gina and this group. I am now confident that I can do anything quilt related. Thank you Gina!!!

  53. Doris Bryarly
    Doris Bryarly

    I love your challenges. They’re not too easy and are a challenge for me. I’d like to see more than one per year.

  54. Gwendolyn Jones
    Gwendolyn Jones

    I’ve enjoyed the current challenge; hats off to Gina Perkes. She did a great job of designing the blocks. For the next challenge, I would like to see a nice Christmas quilt. Thanks!

  55. Sharon Kidd
    Sharon Kidd

    Gina Perkes, I really enjoyed this challenge. You are extremely talented and it was a pleasure to attempt to sew your block designs. I look forward to participating again.

  56. Sharon K
    Sharon K

    Gina Perkes, I really enjoyed this challenge. You are extremely talented and it was a pleasure to attempt to sew your block designs. I look forward to participating again.

  57. Pati

    This was the first challenge I’ve participated in. I think that NQC could have done a better job I reviewing the instructions for accuracy before releasing each block. Lots of errors! I did learn a lot from discussion with other quilters.

  58. Marchita Sutton
    Marchita Sutton

    This was my first quilt after more than 50 years of sewing garments and home decor (curtains, pillow covers, etc) I was so confused trying to make flying geese. Thanks to Gina for the lesson. With my last block I even had points where they were supposed to be! My 9 year old granddaughter wants me to finish it for her own throw. Thanks so much. And I will look forward to the next challenge! I really like the look of log cabin patterns.

  59. Wanda

    I’m still working on my blocks, moving n flu put a link in cognitive n imagination faculties , but this was my first no second challenge n I’m hooked

  60. Rebecca Cameron
    Rebecca Cameron

    I really enjoyed the challenge. I am used to doing much smaller blocks so it was different but fun.

  61. Karen Martelle
    Karen Martelle

    The blocks were wonderful and beautifully designed by Gina. However, the process for obtaining the blocks left many including me frustrated at times finding the information needed to get to the blocks. In the initial info said would get an email. I signed up more than once and DID NOT RECEIVE ANY EMAILS AT ALL. If not sending emails with info please do not say that you will do so. The fact that anyone could add files to this project did not help either, only admins should be able to add files.
    I hooe this can be used as constructive ideas rather than just critisisim. Thank you for allowing me free access to this challenge. I have learned a lot from the extra tutorial type videos that Gina has provided.

  62. Joy Seaman
    Joy Seaman

    I don’t do Facebook. Is there any other way to get the sashing and border instructions?

  63. April Blood
    April Blood

    This is the second challenge that I have done and it has been really great in many ways I have learned a lot the stars themselves are gorgeous if I were to have any criticism whatsoever it would be that I had hoped that Gina would have been more interactive with the group as several of us struggled with several of the stars otherwise it was a very good experience I look forward to more challenges

  64. Debi

    I definitely learned a lot and had a fun time with each beautiful block, Thanks for putting this together. I look forward to the next one.

  65. Leota Laue
    Leota Laue

    Thank you so much I enjoyed the challenge and love Gina Perkes design and the staff at The Copper Needle are the best,

  66. Suzanne Malone
    Suzanne Malone

    Are there sashing instructions somewhere or are we supposed to try it on our own? I looked on the files on facebook, but didn’t see the finishing instructions. I received an email about the live wrap-up, but was hoping for finishing instructions since I’m new to the game.

  67. Debbie Stephens
    Debbie Stephens

    I enjoyed the challenge. I would like to see Gina continue with the challenge by sharing quilting techniques using her rulers.

  68. Elisa

    I really liked a lot each block. Love Gina designs. However as other quilters said, I didn’t like much the directions, they were a little confused, some errors, it seemed that people who helped Gina, were not very commited. There were also very few comments from her about all the questions that many had. After two weeks of the last block, we are still waiting for a real wrap up with tips to finish the quilt, how did she quilted… I know this was a free project, but still would like a quality project. Even though I want to thank you for the beautiful project, and thank you to Gina.

  69. JMS

    I have enjoyed this challenge thus far. Will you be posting directions for sashing and border to the website? Not everyone is on Facebook. Limiting access to this information to those on Facebook prevents some participants from getting those details about finishing the quilt.

  70. Sharon Cramer
    Sharon Cramer

    I so loved this challenge and though I have been quilting quite awhile, I learned so much! Mostly, to take extra time, be patient w myself, follow directions. (kind of life lessons also)Thanks you for all of your hard work, and I hope you do another soon.

  71. Barbara

    As a new relatively quilter I really enjoyed the challenge this BOW presented. I learnt so much. Thanks to all who participated and thanks to NQC and Gina Perkes. I am looking forward to another challenge from you.

  72. Margee

    I enjoyed challenge learned a lot it was my first & hope to do another one Thank you Gina

  73. Vicki Johnson
    Vicki Johnson

    Would love another challenge with another expert who can help us all perfect our skill level!

  74. Jeanne Sapir
    Jeanne Sapir

    Thank you for this challenge. Although I did not have time to dive in at this time, I did download and save the blocks to do at some point. I know it will be a “challenge” as I am a sort of intermediate beginner, but that is how I will grow! And I loved seeing everyone’s photos! Thank you again!

  75. Barb

    I loved the project! Blocks were sometimes a challenge, but they are striking. Thanks so much. I would try another challenge.

  76. Eileen

    I had an absolute blast participating with everybody and made a few friends in the process. I successfully put together two quilts and I’m looking so forward to getting them sandwiched and free motion quilting. Buy me for the very first time. This challenge honed my skills and taught me so many new things and gave me so much more confidence in the work that I do on my sewing machine. I am so appreciative to everyone who had a part in getting this challenge together. Thank you so very much! Can’t wait for the next one

  77. Vicki

    Thank you NQC and Gina Perkes. it took a lot of time and hard work to provide us with the videos, tutorials, instructions, patterns and just everything. Again, thank you! I’m looking forward to practicing.

  78. Tricia

    Loved doing the challenge. All blocks done just need to put together. Beautiful stars. Thanks Gina. Think I will do something simple next and rest up for the next challenge!

  79. Colleen Peloquin
    Colleen Peloquin

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful blocks with all of us. I can no longer attend a quilting group I joined because my husband needs someone here with him all the time. This worked out perfect. I could feel like I belonged to a group of wonderful quilters and quilt at home with my husband! Thank you Gina!

  80. Judy Deveney
    Judy Deveney

    I was unable to open block 9. I hope there’s a way for me to still get it. Can it be emailed to me.
    Thanks Judy Deveney

  81. Sandy

    Will mono sheets still be available for Celaeno, Merope, Alicyone & Sterope Stars? Also need color sheet for Sterope Star. Please email if possible; if not, please let me know where the downloads can be found. Overall, have enjoyed this challenge—Thank you!

  82. Shirley Salo
    Shirley Salo

    Thank you so much for this enjoyable challenge. It was my first and got me back in my sewing mood. Would love to participate in the next one too.

  83. Maryellen Swanson
    Maryellen Swanson

    Pushed me out of my comfort zone on color choices liked the whole process would love a mystery quilt

  84. Gaiella

    Thank you for running this second Block Challenge. I didn’t get to making the blocks at this time and I am really hoping you will be releasing a fully corrected, whole quilt pattern sometime soon. If and when you do another Block challenge please realise that you are addressing a world wide audience not just the USA, so that when you say a time or date you need to include the city and state that it is being released from and the time zone – it will save a lot of confusion for the rest of us. Please also let us know who the Admins and Moderators are so they can be contacted if needs be. Thank you for your time and effort.

  85. joni k heimbecker
    joni k heimbecker

    I am a new quilter, this was my first time cutting pieces to put together to create a block, Thank you Gina for the wonderful challenge , I really enjoyed this and learned so much. I hope you do another challenge in the future.

  86. Terry Day
    Terry Day

    Thank you Gina for giving us the Free challenge. I enjoyed doing it. I also loved the kindness and support I received from many people in this group.

  87. Blenda Drake
    Blenda Drake

    Had fun with this challenge, if my sister hadn’t been here to get me started probably would never had done it. When she went home was only two blocks in. But I got them done some blocks no mr ripper in sight, but some seen him quite a bit. All in all had fun even made blocks for another throw and made pot holders from left over scraps,😃

  88. Mandy Downes
    Mandy Downes

    This is the second challenge I have done, and although found it “challenging” really enjoyed it. I have learnt so much and enjoyed seeing the variety of colours in the blocks. Thank you all for doing it, especially NQC for hosting it. Here’s to the next one.

  89. Wilma harter
    Wilma harter

    I have been in hospital for 2 weeks and only have 5 blocks can I get 6 thru 9 please I really enjoy this

  90. Amy

    Have you put up the monochromatic patterns for block 2 and 8 yet? I can’t wait to start making my blue monochromatic blocks, but I want to make sure I have all of the monochromatic patterns before I start.

  91. Carrie

    I loved the challenge…I learned a lot and enjoyed seeing everyone’s color choices…they were so varied. I have many ideas for color coordinating after this challenge….I can hardly wait for another challenge. I hope you do one SOON! 🙂

  92. Julie Korfhage
    Julie Korfhage

    Thank you for doing this challenge! It was my first quilt and I learned SOOOOOOO much! Looking forward to doing another one.

  93. Connie Elswick
    Connie Elswick

    Thanks so much for the challenge. I learned so much. I feel my quilting is much improved for having participated. Gina Perkes is a great teacher. I would like to see another challenge. Next time it would be fun to do something that isnt a sampler but more of a themed quilt that you would getting all the cutting directions to do first then get the next step next week or month with the last step being finishing. Thanks again for the hard work and time NQC and Gina Perkes have given to us!

  94. Carol Jones
    Carol Jones

    Thank you so much Gina, for this challenge. I really enjoyed it and would love to do another one.

  95. Joan Sandry
    Joan Sandry

    I have loved this challenge and learned so much looking forward to more challenges

  96. Bobbie

    Love the blocks, have not started the blocks, but am looking forward to making them

  97. Georgina McQuaig
    Georgina McQuaig

    It was very interesting to learn something new. I am a little slow but will get it done soon. Thanks for your patience with everyone. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next challenge

  98. Mary Foree
    Mary Foree

    I enjoyed the challenge! I’ve been quilting for about 10 years, but this quilt WAS A CHALLENGE! I’d love to participate in another quilt-a-long, but I think that it frustrated a lot of people who had limited (if any) experience doing things like these blocks. Please consider an EASIER challenge! Thanks!!

  99. Veronica Alexander
    Veronica Alexander

    Can I still get the patterns to the block challenge that just ended?

  100. Andrea Christian-Michaels
    Andrea Christian-Michaels

    This was my first challenge and I really enjoyed doing it (well, maybe not all blocks as much as others, lol). I learned quite a bit and was so inspired by seeing others’ ideas and hearing their tips. I appreciate everyone’s comments. Thank you Gina for the time and effort involved. As with any project, we all learn and improve our skill sets.

  101. Connie

    I want to thank NQC and Gina Perkes for the great challenge. I have learned so much and am using the techniques daily on every quilt project, for that I am so grateful. I went out on a limb with the bright color choices which is a stretch for my comfort zone. I am hopeful that we will soon get finishing instructions to pull it all together. I would like to suggest a monthly mystery project next time with cutting instructions as the first step, with a mystery theme of blocks each month that when completed it all goes together vs a sampler type quilt.

  102. vickey

    i did not get to print all the blocks is there a way I can go back and print them?

  103. Jean Person
    Jean Person

    Enjoyed the challenge and the blocks Gina designed. They were fun to make. I am currently working on my sashing.

  104. Gisele

    Thank you. This challenged me while still being fun. Looking forward to another

  105. Geniene M Welch
    Geniene M Welch

    Love the patterns and the challenge the colors and blocks presented. Very thankful for Gina’s dedication and patience with soooo many women at so many different levels. I would love to stay connected and see what’s next.

  106. Barbara Rowland
    Barbara Rowland

    I have lost my copy of block #4 and can not complete the protect. Is there anyway you could send that to me?

  107. Debbie

    When will we be showed how to do the quilt as you go and the quilting designs she said we are going to do

  108. Lorri

    So today is 8 April 2018, and I have still not seen the video from Gina with Sashing, Binding, and quilting instructions for the Pileidaes quilt. Have I missed it?

  109. Diane J Thornton
    Diane J Thornton

    I wasn’t going to do the challenge but as I have watched all the blocks and quilts develop I have decided to give it a try. I made copies of all the blocks and will look at fabric today!!! Thanks

  110. Cathy Schut
    Cathy Schut

    Need help with directions for the Sterope Star.. page 2 on HST says to square to 3 3/8 … what am I doing wrong I can not get them to square. I am using the 4×9 strips I marked seeed and cut but does not measure out correct. Thanks

  111. Laura coste
    Laura coste

    This was a fun learning challenge. I am going to make my second quilt in another color way. Im giving the first one to my best friend who loves the colors more than I do. Thank you Gina

  112. diane Richardson
    diane Richardson

    I love these blocks and some how I missed this challenge. Can you still get the patterns for these blocks?

  113. Crystal Nichols
    Crystal Nichols

    Somehow I didn’t get the #9 Block. I use yahoo and sometimes things don’t come through. Is there still a way to get it please?

  114. Lizzy

    loved it! This was my very first “traditional”, follow a pattern quilt. The directions were easy to follow. If i had any questions they were answered on the FB page. I got some help from some more experienced quilters, who I must say are very helpful, friendly and encouraging. When I was bored, sitting in the hospital with my BF after a motorcycle accident I read all the Negative Nellie’s comments…sheesh!! very entertaining!! after a six week pause I got all caught up and am working on sashing and borders now. thank you Gina and NQC!!! yes, please do another. i’ll be looking for it.

  115. Brenda Nimmo
    Brenda Nimmo

    I really enjoyed making this quilt and all the challenges that went with it! I learned a lot of neat tricks and tips from Gina. Just wish she would give us some ideas on quilting it.

  116. Kate

    Is there a place to find all the corrections to each block? I have purchased the fabric and downloaded each block as they were available, now I am reading about some “displeasure” with the instructions. Thank you for your help. 😘

  117. Vicki

    Special thanks to Gina for all your hard work on this design. I stopped by the Copper Needle this summer it is an awesome store. Stop by!!

  118. janetpbj

    I love these blocks, and I can’t wait to get started. I can’t find the coloring sheet for Block #2 (Merope Star) Am I overlooking it? Thanks for this wonderful resource!